Bal Vikas Heritage Class

As another school year begins, so does the Heritage class session resumes its activity for the following year at the Hindu Cultural Centre. The classes are scheduled to take place on the first and the third Sunday of the month. This timetable will continue through the school year until June, with breaks during Christmas and other holidays. The teachers will notify the parents about changes to the regular set time table.

The class begins at 10.30 am and ends at 11.45 am in the newly renovated basement area of the Mandir. The children then assemble upstairs in the Prayer hall for Aarthi and prashad.

Children are divided into the older and younger group and they are taught accordingly. Children carry folders with printed copies of Slokas and Bhajans. The class begins with a 2 minute meditation followed by Ganesh prayer. Moral and religious stories are told. Slokas and Bhajans are taught. Older children learn about Indian Heritage, Culture, and Religion with appropriate topics such as Satya, Dharma, Prema, Shanthi and Non-Violence. Smaller children participate in fun activities such as colouring and drawing from time to time. Classes end by reciting Hari OM.

Children participate in all the functions and the festivals of the Mandir. They learn about the Hindu festivals and sing songs chosen for the special occasion in the prayer hall. They also perform at the Independence Day celebrations in the Mandir and put on a grand show at the Mandir's Fund Raising Diwali Dinner Event.

The HCC has dedicated teachers who come regularly through the year to impart their knowledge of Slokas and Bhajans and teach our children moral values drawing stories from our scriptures. The children in London are fortunate that besides having the invaluable guidance of parents and grand parents also have a teacher student style of learning provided at your Mandir. In order for this to succeed it is essential that the children are able to attend the classes as much as possible and inform the teachers if children are going to be absent for long periods of time. At the HCC we encourage all children to attend these classes whenever they can and we appreciate that the parents are able to bring these children despite their busy schedules and cramming social commitments.

The Bal Vikas Curriculum The following is a brief description on the format of study for the period September 2013 – June 2014. The focus is on one deity at a time.

September 2014 – January 2015 - Surya Bhagwan.

  • Students should be able to recite the ashtakam – slokas
  • Perform namastar to Surya Bhagwan – yoga posture
  • Sing Bhajan s– perhaps 2 for the time period
  • Learn about the glories of Surya Bhagwan thru story time
  • Learn about the glories of Surya Bhagwan thru Movie
  • Learn the cultural Art – rangoli

During this period we will also teach/practise with our group for participation in the Diwali dinner/show organized by the mandir. We would like our art-work to be displayed at the dinner.

February 2015 – June 2015 - Lord Shiva.

  • Students should be able to recite the ashtakam
  • Sing bhajans glorifying Lord Shiva
  • Learn about the glories/greatness of Lord Shiva thru story time and movie
  • Learn about the qualities of Lord Shiva by engaging in puzzles and other activities
  • Learn to make malaas and/or paper flowers
  • Learn about the human value – Friendship thru the medium of movies – Lord Krishna & Sudama

Our children – grade 6 to 8 will also continue with discussions on the Hindu child. During this period we will participate in the following activities in the prayer hall of the Mandir. Sankranti, Saraswati Pooja, one week in Mar/Apr, Mother's Day, Father's Day and India's Independence Day (Aug 15th).

Class timing

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month

Contact Details

Mrs. Mani Bhashyam 519-438-6052
Mrs. Suman Singh 519-672-7540

Youth Group

The Youth Group of the Hindu Cultural Centre has been running since the1980's and has initiated and participated in a variety of activities.The Youth Group was formed with the idea of bringing the youths from the Hindu community together to:

  • Learn about the Hindu religion & philosophy
  • Learn about the Indian heritage to incorporate into the Canadian way of life
  • Participate in culturally-rich and fun filled activities.
  • To volunteer at various London community charitable organizations
  • To perform in various functions organized by the HCC and other organizations
  • We encourage any interested youths from Grade 8 and up, to attend our monthly meetings at the HCC to share their ideas and discuss issues.

For further information, please contact: Dr. Dev Sainani , 519-473-1642,
Dr. Chitra Prasad, 519-438-6052,