The 2023 - 2024 Board Of The Hindu Cultural Centre

  • President Mr. Vishal Kothari
  • Past President Mrs. Prema Patil
  • Vice President Mr. Sanjay Singh
  • Secretary Dr. Nisha Sharma
  • Treasurer Mr. Bhavesh Gandhi
  • Ass't Secretary / Treasurer Mr. Kartik Bhandula

Board Members

Mrs. Maggie Persaud

Mr. Paresh Patel

Mrs. Suman Singh

Mrs. Kanta Merchea

Mrs. Chanda Mistry

Mrs. Archana Patel

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Festival Committee of the HCC:

This committee came together in the formative years of the Centre when it was in need of raising funds for various projects of the Mandir. The committee in its early years raised over $60,000 towards the Building Fund of the Mandir through its various fund raising events. The Chair position was successfully held by Mrs. Hema Singh for several years until she moved to Brampton.

The role of the Festival Committee has remained the same since its inception that is to Raise Funds for the Renovation and improvement projects of the Centre.

The following are the Committee Members: Prema Patil(Chair Person), Kanta Merchea, Suman Sharma, Sudha Jain, Sudesh Arora, Maggie Persaud.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM meeting is held between 1st February and 31st March each year on a date appointed by the Board of Directors. All Patron, Life and Regular Members are invited to form a quorum at the meeting. There are eleven elected Directors on the Board of the HCC. As Directors complete their term of office new Directors are elected during the AGM. For complete information on the AGM and how the directors are elected, please refer to the Constitution.

The officers of the Centre are a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and an Assisstant Secretary/Treasurer, all appointed from amongst the elected Members of the Board.